Referral spammers

This post will be a little bit different, first, it would be in English and not in Hebrew as usual, and second it would be a little experiment for me to see how much this issue bother others.

The Issue is referral spam, and if you run a site and check your Google Analytics from time to time, you probably already know about it.

The way it works is by a bot crawling periodically on your site, sending the HTTP referral header containing a spammy URLs. When the admin check her site statistics she see the referral and check what is this website, a normal procedure when you want to increase your traffic. But the URL is not real and the all point was to get the admin to the site. Sometimes the spam url contains ads for web admins and sometimes it just redirect to a shopping site, trying to get some money from affiliate programs.

If you know the spammy domains you can block the traffic, which would also help to reduce the amount of work your web-server should do.The problem however is that I'm not aware for any project that collect all those spammy domains and URLs, and therefore I'm going to collect them here. If it would be popular I would open a site dedicated to this issue, something like the Virus Total of the referral domains.

Those are the list of the reported spam domains:

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